Live from the basement, Leggs makes his proper introduction with an absolute beauty of a song, this new single “Ballerina.” Handling every aspect of the music himself, the product in front of you is a pure singer/songwriter who’s music you’ll feel in your soul. It’s just Leggs and some beautiful piano accompaniment on this one but its the simplicity that makes this one so beautiful.

Leggs has come a long way since the release of his debut EP in 2020, Bloopers. The production quality has improved dramatically and with the release of “Ballerina”, his enigmatic yet thought provoking lyricism can be seen after just one listen. While some might assume Ballerina is a love song, Leggs told us “it’s an ode to growing up and handling change.”

We live in a world where people are more in touch with their emotions than ever before and with his ever improving production quality along with his poignant storytelling, Leggs shows no signs of slowing down and i’m excited to watch the music continue to evolve.

Produced By

Daniel Leggs

Release Date

August 21, 2021


Greenwich, Rhode Island

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