Unusual Demont – HUES (EP Stream)

“HUES”, The long-awaited debut EP from breakout artist Unusual Demont is finally here and it’s quite the colorful display. Last year Demont broke out onto the scene with his hit single “Amber” and stole the hearts and ears of many with his refreshing sound and alluring aesthetic.

“HUES” is a preeminent demonstration of Unusual Demont’s talent, ability, and overall charisma. He emanates maturity and attention to detail with entrancing emotions packed into every track. His delicate vocals over tranquilizing production create unforgettable moments throughout the entirety of the EP.

Early standouts such as “IVORY” and “BLUSH” take you on a spiritual experience navigating ideas of love and intimacy. Everything from this project starting with the singles all the way to the rollout is truly the mark of an artist that is going to last for years to come. If you haven’t already, go spin Unusual Demont’s brand new EP “HUES” and enjoy.

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