Jay Summer

Taking his time to find his sound and get everything right, it’s time for everybody to really get tuned into the talent that is Jay Summer.

For one, it makes me so happy to see 4+ minute songs these days, especially when they deliver on an epic level like Jay Summer’s return single “Tarmac”. It’s the type of song you need to listen from front to back to truly appreciate, to witness and ride every up and down this roller coaster ride of a song has to offer.

Jay’s soulful, textured voice and powerful delivery just gives me hints of early Daniel Caesar. It’s a soulful fluidity that sounds organic and beautiful, whose imperfections often make it more beautiful. There’s no better word than beautiful to use to describe “Tarmac” and the fact that’s self-produced makes it all the more sweeter. The indie-tinged, airy guitars are the perfect amount of lush and the vocals runs are to die for throughout. He’s got an EP on the way, pay attention to what could be a BIG moment to come that starts right here with this single.

Produced By

Jay Summer

Release Date

September 14, 2021


Bay Area, California

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