Cry, Then Breathe // Sin

Texas isn’t generally acknowledged as a hub for yet-to-be-recognized talent, but over the past year, the South seems to be a breeding ground for quality. Since early 2019, the Jackson, Mississippi native currently based in Austin, Texas, LOS KEMET, has been releasing work sporadically. The artist resurfaced last week with a visual for “Cry, Then Breathe,” meant to preview his upcoming project, “My Love Is Crack,” as well as highlight the song “Sin” from his EP “Starliner Pack” released earlier this year.

“Cry, Then Breathe” is a southern monologue, combining purposeful spoken word with an unconventional brass-influenced loop. LOS talks heavy and enunciates his words with intention before the track abruptly comes to a halt, the beat cuts off, and we are met with a brief aside from the artist. The creative addresses a variety of topics to give you a look into his headspace. The visual then rolls into “Sin,” a standout piece from LOS’s early 2021 EP. The upbeat tempo is married with quick transitions that perfectly coincide with the track.

Directed by LOS and filmed by D.C Boson, this video is meant to be a sneak peek of the artists upcoming project, which will also be doubling as a short film. Screen this latest work from up-and-comer and self-proclaimed the “dirty south artery.”

Produced By

Forensik Stylez & Kevin Katana

Release Date

September 15, 2021


Jackson, Mississippi

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