The algorithms on streaming services and social media can be real ugly sometimes, and it’s got the masses trying to crack its code for their own gain. As evil as they can be, part of the point of them was to simply feed a piece of content that’s being well received and liked to more and more people if that trajectory keeps up. The algorithm doesn’t always favor the best, or innovative things but when it does, it can be such a beautiful thing.

Now that my ramblings over, hopefully you already listened to the clip in the first Instagram slide, which is “Dash” from 18-year-old G Moore. It was through Tik Tok of course that led to people latching onto this one. And initially “Dash” was only available on Soundcloud. But with a little fuel from Tik Tok and then more from Soundcloud, it began to rack up hundreds of thousands of plays and it’s now out on all streaming services!

G Moore’s got a great grasp of melody and a voice that fits it, but it’s the out of the box thinking of piecing those melodies together that makes this song stand out so much. Specifically the chopped up, transposed vocal riffs are just so damn hard, and the overall range in octaves just keeps this song lifted. Stream tf out of this one.

Produced By

noevdv & lodoni

Release Date

August 18, 2021


New Jersey

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