Censor Bundy

Every now and then a higher power blesses us with a sound that is tremendous enough to put you in the mood to rent a Hellcat. That was the first thing I told Censor Bundy after hearing his song “Fact” produced by grisha.

Coming off the heels of his project Eclipse that released back in April, Bundy continues to hold true to the ominous production that backs the equally menacing content of his lyrics and delivery. Even still, he personally thinks his sound is split at the moment. His older catalogue has experimented with both trap and pop sounds, and the darker sounds of his recent releases, like “American Woman” have served as both a creative outlet and a reflection of what he’s going through in that moment. Like any artist with promise, Bundy has gone through his own personal struggles – almost to the point of giving up on music.

We’re very glad he didn’t. Bundy has intentions to tap into other pursuits as well – modeling, achieving, and even MMA if he can find the time for it. How gahtdamn fye is that?

With 5 projects currently in the works, it’s safe to say that his plate is more than full, but I’m positive he’s up for – nah, built for the challenge. Keep an eye out for his next project 2002 Toyota with Suicide Doors.


Produced By


Release Date

August 13, 2021


Bay Area, California

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