We’ve got a star alert today, easily one of the best new artists to pop up all year is a kid out of Toronto named RealestK. There’s a million things here to like, but first let’s touch on how he even got here, at over 600k plays on YouTube and 3 million plus on Spotify in a week’s time for his new song “WFM”. And that spark of course, is mostly stemming from Tik Tok.

Scrolling to the beginning of RealestK’s Tik Tok page, gives you such a sense of his growth, in just a 7 month span since he began posting. He’s had a great voice from the beginning, but it’s gotten better and better as has everything else. Especially in his own music making, doing everything himself and really perfecting how to mix his voice, giving it such a textured, yet raw, ethereal feel.

There’s inspirational touches of greats like The Weeknd or Miguel as well as other Toronto R&B artists that have come before but there’s clearly something so special and 1 of 1 about RealestK. In the process of learning more about him and witnessing the work ethic that’s led to “WFM” going so crazy in such a little amount of time too, it’s so clearcut that we’re all going to be stopping and watching him. Don’t miss this one, he was even just in the studio with Nav the other night, we’re going to be hearing a lot more about him.

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Release Date

October 6, 2021


Toronto, Canada

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