Khi Infinite

Produced By

Illien Rosewell, Palace Hill, Elijah Fox, Stoic Beats, David Schaeman, Orion Meshorer, 95leo & PilotKid

Hailing from Virginia, Khi Infinite’s debut album “TAKE WHAT YOU NEED” is a refreshing dive into the storytelling 20-year old’s perspective on love, life, and the defining feelings of what “home” is. Khi’s got a full bag of tricks on this album, from a dynamic set of cadences like on “DRUG OF LOVE,” autotune-y ballads like “ROSES,” and something a bit more shoegaze and introspective with a track like “PORTRAITS.”

“DRUG OF LOVE” is a track I continuously come back to, thanks in large part to Khi’s nimbleness to move through a multitude of flows over a wonderfully soulful beat. Being the lead track on the album, Khi does not disappoint and sets the table for the rest of the tracklist to shine. “DRUG OF LOVE” finds Khi reflecting on vices, on the low moments of life, but refocusing on love being the great equalizer of life. Khi skips through off-kilter flows yet never stumbles or misses a step, finding a balance between what sounds like a word-spill of his own internal dialogue and something that feels like it was meant to be written for a song.

“TAKE WHAT YOU NEED” as a complete album is certainly worthy of attention, but if I Was to highlight one track off of the album that might win a new listener over, it feels like “DRUG OF LOVE” gives a good barometer as to what type of artist Khi Infinite is shaping up to be. But I would ask to at least skim through the rest of the album, because Khi is making music with meaning and life behind it, which always resonates longer than some of the more hollow songs that are searching for viral moments.

Release Date

October 1, 2021

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Chesapeake, Virginia

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