want me

Covering artists like this is where we truly live up to our name and where we just make sure you’re properly tapped in with the things you need to know. If this audio hasn’t been on every other TikTok on your For You page, then I don’t know what is wrong with your algorithm, because cl4pers is virtually everywhere.

cl4pers’ well-crafted wordplay and storytelling at the young age of 13 is unmatched even when compared to veterans in his lane. “stand on my money I’m 5’2” and “she tryna play my song on the boom box” are only mere examples of cl4per’s unmatched songwriting. Amassing over 100k in 3 days on Soundcloud, and over 100k videos made on TikTok (yes, this was posted before and deleted, yet here we are), with this viral moment to his name and the skill of a seasoned poet this WILL NOT be the last we hear from cl4pers.

He already has grown quite a base before this now viral and exploding moment, linked to the ever-growing “plugg” sound or however you’d like to textualize it, that’s really been the cream of the crop on Soundcloud. And now “want me” is really exploding wayyy beyond those Soundcloud barriers.

Produced By


Release Date

July 30, 2021


Fort Worth, Texas

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