Fran Vasilic – “Television / So Far So Good (voice memo)”

Do you ever wonder why we’re called Fashionably Early? It may have something to do with artists like Fran Vasilić – who we covered back in April (and in September 2020). The last time we heard from Fran, he was sitting at <50K followers on TikTok - today our king is at 3.3M. He's in no rush to capitalize on his meteoric rise to Tik Tok fame, but thankfully fans today are treated to a little gift from Fran himself. "Television / So Far So Good (voice memo)" is the perfect addition for your cuffing-season soundtrack, as Fran's seasoned vocal timbre is enough to pull on even the most stubborn of heartstrings. It's a cover of a Rex Orange County classic, that gives it new life and a new timbre of soul to experience to the tune in. Featuring sparse and vintage piano chords and a tender yet bittersweet performance from our hero, it shouldn't take too long to understand why he's a staff favorite around here. Normally, this is where I'd tell you to keep a close eye on Fran, but with the rate he's blowing up, you won't be able to avoid him soon enough.

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