G Luné

G Luné’s a new face to Fash, but not to I as the Berklee student is back with yet another showcase of can’t miss POP PERFECTION with her latest single “MICHELLE”. 

Featuring stunning production from Austin Corona, there’s a clear and beautiful dynamic struck here, considering the song’s innate ability to make you dance. G Luné’s angelic vocals might overshadow the subject matter of the track however, a little extra attention reveals the darker narrative of such a lively tune.

“MICHELLE” arose after she was ghosted by a dude for another girl (his loss). G Luné’s writing evokes so much emotion, causing you to truly wish you were this “MICHELLE”. With back to back bangers from G Luné the EP she is working towards is bound to be full of unforgettable songs just like “MICHELLE”.

Produced By

Austin Corona

Release Date

October 11, 2021


Toronto, Canada

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