nickname jos

Nashville-based artist/producer nickname jos hooked me in the first 2 seconds of listening to the driving guitar-laden tune “TERMS” kicking into gear. Personally I was completely unaware of Jos until the Spotify algorithm blessed me with this gift.

Jos uses a powerful stereo in his first guitar riff, a mixing flair that reminds me of Roy Blair as guitars swarm over the track like a black cloud all at once. It’s an immediate head bop with an equally compelling hook and chorus to follow. It wouldn’t be right to praise this song without the mention of his drums. Regardless of how they sound, what makes this song special is the placement of his drums, whether accompanying his powerful guitar, or perfectly in between a vocal break, Jos shows listeners, and myself, his skill to craft and build a record

With new music on the way later this year, this double single, as well as an album that was released earlier in 2021, nickname jos is on his way to proving himself in this industry and beyond.

Produced By

nickname jos

Release Date

October 6, 2021


Nashville, Tennessee

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