voodoo queen

After a major applause earlier this year from the Brockton Massachusetts natives’ debut single, “ON THE EDGE WITH YOU,” STEFAN THEV is back. Two weeks ago Thev resurfaced and has arguably raised his own bar with this spooky sophomore track titled, “voodoo queen.”

Sprinkled with groovy piano melodies, elements of R&B and alternative pop, and an eerie guitar solo, there is no question as to why the artist is turning heads. Pop-punk influenced vocals fill the foreground while distorted guitar and a funky baseline give the song a sort of fullness.

With two singles out, Stefan has not boxed himself into a genre in the slightest and I don’t think there is any indication as whats to come next, which is exciting. So far Thev’s work has been genre-fluid, with influence from prog/alternative rock, indie/bedroom pop, and R&B.

Something is in the water up in the north east that has caused a blossoming of artists and Stefan Thev should be on your radar. Tune in to this supernatural screening of “voodoo queen” for an eclectic fusion of funk, pop and rock.

Produced By

boyjugo, morning effect, Paris & Vále

Release Date

October 28, 2021


Brockton, Massachusetts

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