Diz – One Step Closer

Social media is a beautiful thing, especially when it provides visibility to artists like Diz thanks in large parts to the algorithm of likes and retweets, and once you press play you’ll find out why people would look to share his music. Diz’s single “One Step Closer” is a stream of conscious rhyme dump over a tasteful soul sample, cut from a similar cloth of artists like Mavi, MIKE, and Earl Sweatshirt. Diz teams up with another up and coming artist Young Wabo to reflect on their respective journeys thus far.

Songs like this hit a serious soft spot, where Diz is able to capture relatable moments of life and is able to instill messages of hope and strength for better days – being “one step closer” to his goals and dreams. Opening the song with the line “I gave up one too many times, forsaken all my love for some shit I can’t provide,” is Diz opening up as the flawed hero, allowing his personal life to play the story for others to feel comfort in.

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