K. Charles

It’s songs like this that take me back a few years to the prime SoundCloud era, where heavy digital sounds mixed with fast paced and high-pitched vocals had every rap fan intrigued. To me, Florida native K. Charles’ new track “UNFINISHED” is an elegant evolution, influenced from what the late 2010’s SoundCloud era was.

An addictive baseline with punchy snares follows you throughout the track, being the major contributor to the contagious head-bobbing that inevitably comes with each listen. Bars about the hustle, the solo grind and dealing with friction from his peers fill the electrifying and upbeat mood.

With recent performances at Rolling Loud, it’s evident that K. Charles is becoming a stand out act, demonstrating prominent crowd control and gaining a much deserved hype. If you’re in need of another no-skip to add to your “before the function” or “pregame” playlist, “UNFINISHED” is a no brainer.

Produced By


Release Date

September 28, 2021


Miami, Florida

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