Thomas Headon – Strawberry Kisses (Music Video)

In this day and age, where things (especially in music) seemingly keep on happening faster and faster, it’s nice to take a step back and admire some amazing artist development. It was back in late 2019 that we first discovered and covered Australian raised singer Thomas Headon. Still pretty early on in Tik Tok’s takeover, Thomas was in the midst of building an army on the platform and beyond.

Then, there was a young, bright eyed kid with an adoring group of fans and limitless potential. Now fast forward two years and that potential is really starting to bloom. Boisterously dropping this new sensational new pop tune “Strawberry Kisses”, the musical progression itself is even just obvious. Thomas is nestling into greater and greater melodies with greater precision and execution.

If you need something sweet today, save your teeth and gums the trouble before you dig into the leftover Halloween candy. Listen to “Strawberry Kisses” instead.

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