aldrch, poptropicaslutz! & torr

If you keep up with Fash, odds are you’ve come across us covering producer extraordinaire aldrch’s work already, probably on a song he produced for poptropicaslutz! Those are the two-thirds that make up this new tune, as well budding hyperpop-leaning torr that’s also made waves on our playlist. Here the ensemble teams up on “gl4mour: to deliver yet another heartbreak anthem. Combining elements of pop-punk, glitchcore, and hyperpop result in a concoction of emotions,  making “gl4mour” the perfect post-breakup soundtrack.

The Minnesota native has been making major strides this year from his multiple collaborations with fellow front runners in his lane such as GOM, Ryan Leahan, and kahre. aldrch’s consistency is something to aspire to on all fronts.

“gl4mour” comes with a video shot and directed by the legendary kahre, perfectly capturing the intensity resonating from the track. Finishing off the year strong, aldrch is setting himself up nicely to come out swinging in the new year, and we’re here for it all the way.

Produced By


Release Date

November 26, 2021


Minneapolis, Minnesota

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