Straight from his aesthetically striking bedroom that can be recognized from his exponentially increasing Tik Tok popularity, comes Renao’s debut single, “Nobody.” After teasing the song on the social media platform for a few months, I assumed my first listen to the completed version would leave me wanting more from it, but that just wasn’t the case. Every time I listen to the young artist’s debut song, it feels like I am enjoying it for the first time all over again.

There’s nothing complicated about the instrumental, a simple drum beat accompanied by a punchy guitar. That’s not what makes this record stands out, however. Renao’s vocals are insane. The layering is unlike anything I’ve heard out of a debut single, and the melodies and harmonies are free-flowing but calculated in an unbelievable way.

With a knowledge of the importance of social media marketing for his music and a knack for equally unique lyricism and vocals, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Renao.

Produced By

Kurisu & Matt Rad

Release Date

December 3, 2021


Bangalore, India

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