Devon Again
Burn Down

Earlier this summer, LA based artist Devon Again blessed us with “Suburbia”, an equally melodic and angelic pop anthem that’s been one of the squad’s favorite songs this year. Over 1 million streams later, Devon Again is back with her second single Burn Down.

If Suburbia didn’t grab your attention, this record surely will. Whether it’s Devon’s dynamic vocals or the perfectly careless yet aggressive pop vibe that’s on display, Burn Down will have you feeling something. Not to mention a bridge that stood out to us on the first listen. I am certainly comfortable drawing comparisons to creatives like Remi Wolf or Wallice.  Devon is forging her own lane in the pop world and we don’t mind it at all.

I am really hoping we don’t have to wait another season for new music from her.  With an upcoming performance with Ella Jane at the Echo in early December, and having already performed this year with artists such as Hong Kong Boyfriend and more, we truly can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.

Produced By

Jon Buscema

Release Date

November 12, 2021


Denver, CO

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