Hush Forte – LOOK CLOSELY (Album Stream)

Look closely, Hush Forte is coming closer than he appears. A little late to the party, but never too late to compliment a gorgeous album, as “LOOK CLOSELY” dropped October 29th and it’s been in rotation ever since.

As if life hadn’t given us all enough reasons to question and reflect everything under the sun. On top of our each own individual experiences, the Coronavirus epidemic but, the last year and a half in particular have been twice as more mind boggling; for reasons that I’m sure go without saying. That’s exactly what “LOOK CLOSELY” is, a culmination of the last year and a half: the highs, the lows; and as Forte himself put it via Instagram, “A collection of sounds, thoughts, and experiences. A lot of reflecting on who I want to be, where I want to be.”

Hush Forte quite literally wants us to look closely, the 12 track album is an intimate journey, an exploration of what young minds go though during isolation, a true representation of what many of us went through during the pandemic. Throughout the first half of the project Forte tackles some of todays most pressing issues amongst young people (himself included). In “IMPULSE PURCHASES” we see Forte tackle the subject of consumerism, and although clothes and other material things can make us happy, it’s more important to set aside those attachments and enjoy the intangibles. “FRUSTRATION” featuring Saint Lyor and “DIFFERENT PATHS” show Forte at maybe his most vulnerable state throughout the project; said vulnerability aids him into telling a transparent story about not exactly knowing how to handle your emotions, and how the inability to do so can cause one to doubt themselves.

The second half of “LOOK CLOSELY” shows what may have been the product of all the self-exploration that Forte has done over the last year and a half. He’s now finding comfort in dealing with his emotions and his self proclaimed shortcomings, due to a bit of support from those around him we see Forte at a more peaceful state on songs like “THANKFUL” and “PROMISES”.”LOOK CLOSELY” is a project you need to hear; to find solace in being an evolving person you must list out what you need to work on, and you need to be comfortable in knowing what you need from yourself, and others. This project is a breath of fresh air, something that’s going to last in rotation for a while but we can’t wait to hear what Hush Forte has next.

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