TOB Duke
Dancing with the Devil

Over the course of the last two years, it feels like there has been an abundance of melodic trap rappers popping up in the scene, but never cementing themselves to the extent they should. Detroit artist, TOB Duke completely shatters that narrative.

After a pair of singles and his latest project “Skye” in 2021, Duke timed up a surprise track that was released this Black Friday. “Dancing with the Devil” is a passionate, reflective, and honest ballad. Light keys and subtle guitar riffs combined with his smooth cadence are what make this so enjoyable.

What stands out about Duke is his spacing and ability to enunciate, which allows the listener to connect and understand at a deeper level. If you’ve been looking for more soulful trap, are into artists like Lil Poppa or YXNG K.A, and have been struggling to find new music, TOB Duke is for you.

Produced By

SanSicko & Prodbycamm

Release Date

November 26, 2021


Detroit, Michigan

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