Sadie Jean
WYD Now?

Like so many artist in this day and age, Sadie Jean was in the same Tik Tok sweepstakes and drumming up a bit of a following by posting covers and a few original songs sprinkled in. It wasn’t until the end of October however, that the clever NYU student took to teasing the song and its heartbreak-inspired lyrics on Tik Tok and it caught fire. But it wasn’t until a couple of more Tik Toks got posted of Sadie asking her audience to duet the song and add-on a verse of their own, which is where things turned into a wildfire. Came in duets from notable artists such as Anson Seabra, Jonah Kagen, Catie Turner, Dempsey Hope and countless more, sparking a real moment, in lightning speed.

As that all kept the flame going, “WYD Now?” has made it all the way to streaming services everywhere, with a bang. Racking up over 1.4 million plays in 2 days on Spotify alone.

All starting on a trip to upstate New York, Sadie and her classmates Grace Enger and David Alexander are the brains behind the rising hit “WYD Now?”. The song focuses on Sadies feelings of nostalgia associated with being in a relationship and wondering where the other person has ended up. She reflects on the person who used to be in her life and creates words that are utterly addictive. After hearing the song for the first time, I got sucked in for over ten more repeat listens because this song truly has an experiential quality. Sadie taps into the emotions of her listeners through these vocals and memorable lyrics that make everyone relate to her experience. 

If you’re looking for some music to blare in the car with your friends or yell at after a breakup, this song is ideal. Sadie Jean appears to be a star that will shine in 2022

Produced By

Cameron Hale

Release Date

December 10, 2021


Tustin, California

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