Charlie Oriain
Miss The Rest

It was somewhere in the early days of quarantine that I remember fellow blog-god Luke Stacey scooting Charlie Oriain my way with a pack of unreleased demos. Certainly none of them were as polished as they song you hear before you today but his talent, especially in songwriting was evident. And I recall some really funky, diverse sounds in the mix, far from what you will hear Charlie go for today on “Miss The Rest”.

Through the beauty of the Internet, Charlie connected with Minnesota, US native Ber, who’s had quite the year of her own, going from a basically unknown new artist, to someone who’s now sitting at over a million monthly listeners. And the top song propelling that has been Ber and Charlie’s beautiful song “Meant To Be”. If you like that song, I’m almost certain you’ll like “Miss The Rest” even more.

It’s another poignant, emotional song with sparse production, that lets the melancholic guitar loop really bleed through to coat this track with a downtrodden feeling. Then add in Charlie’s beautifully textured tone and telling songwriting and you’ve got yourself a damn doozy of a song. I can listen to a sad song any day of the week personally, but do beware, this song is definitely most effective when listened to on a dark, gloomy day.

Produced By

Anthony Lei Trueman & Charlie Oriain

Release Date

December 7, 2021


Isle of Wight, UK

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