Troy Zarba

Tik Tok, as an app and a social media platform has really outgrown its Tik Tok stars at this point, if that makes sense. It was initially the core, gen-z influencers of Tik Tok, the Charli D’amelio’s and Hype Houses etc that were usually making a bulk of the headlines and buzz for Tik Tok. But now Tik Tok is so damn vast, with people making every kind of video under the sun. But without the early generation of kids, like Long Island raised Troy Zarba, growing up with the app and really popularizing It all, it’s tough to say if Tik Tok would be quite as huge as it is.

Even from those early days though, you could find videos here and there of Troy with a guitar and working on his music on the side. But it’s becoming a bigger and bigger part of the now LA-based creative’s life. Especially given that he’s roommates with Benny Bellson who we love and have featured over here plenty, as well as fellow artist Olivier Cazier. And with a little help from his friends, Troy’s second official single “Bittersweet” is live everywhere.

This song’s been addicting over the last couple hours for me as i’ve shuffled through some other work, I keep coming back. While “Bittersweet”, this song has such warm feeling to it. It’s a perfect example of a simple, beautiful song, being beautiful because it doesn’t try to do too much. It catches that vibe and gets you addicted to it, a real easy one to keep on loop.

Produced By

Olivier Cazier

Release Date

December 8, 2021


Long Island, New York

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