ssjishmael – Fast n Furious (Music Video)

sjjishmael’s a rapper we came across in mid-2020, as his gruff voice stood out boldly on Soundcloud with hard knocking beats to match. He’s already come a long way since we first discovered the Cincinnati native, as he more-or-less fit like a glove into many a “aesthetic rap” playlist, songs usually composed of tough beats and deep/pitched down vocals. To his advantage, ssjishmael’s voice is all natural, and really he just has one of those voices that was made for rap.

Typically he’s finding his home on beats like this one from $upreme on “Fast n Furious”, taking a flute and string sample and injecting it with trap drums and thick 808s. The song dropped a few months ago but now after linking with local legends Soul Serum, we’ve officially got the young thumper maker’s first music video. Saucy John Buchanan edits are aplenty as expected so do yourself the favor of hitting the link in our story to watch this one in full!

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