Didn't You

Living in Nashville, I have had the wonderful opportunity to be exposed to an oasis of young indie artists looking to impact the music world. Fellow Nashville local Isaiah Baerd has no problem making a mark through his acoustic guitar performances. The singer first caught my attention with his calm, folk acoustic performances through Instagram. With his new album, Canyon, the singer hopes to satisfy those who seek calming folk music while launching himself into the new wave of young indie-folk musicians. 

Even though it’s the single that was released back in the spring, “Didn’t I” is an easy favorite that doesn’t get old. The calmness is bolstered by its mesmerizing vocals, providing one of the most serene soundtracks available. Furthermore, it truly restores the magic of amazing indie folk music that has been lost for so long. Whenever I hear this song, I instantly feel transported back to my local coffee shop where I would sip on a pour-over and disconnect from reality. 

“Didn’t You” and Canyon by Baerd is a welcome return to the realm of indie folk music, and I look forward to listening to it again and again for many years to come.

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Release Date

December 7, 2021


Nashville, TN

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