katie phelan – For Good

katie phelan’s music career begins with a rewind. Irish singer-songwriter’s endearing debut single “for good“ begins with a snippet of the chorus played in reverse: “I tried my damn best but now I’m with you, and I hope it’s for good.” Placed in context, the line is almost a contradiction; Phelan makes every effort to break away then quickly pivots to embracing the familiar. Depending on the mood of the listener, the reversal could either be due to a realization that true love was right there all along, or just acceptance that stability is better than the perfect match.

Released in November, “For good“ is this song for the believers in the adage “if you love something, set it free.” Phelan’s delicate yet annunciated vocals ensure that the listener hears every word, as she gives a simple overview of the peaks and valleys of the classic “on again off again relationship” over the course of the four seasons.

Despite having only one song out, Phelan’s clearly on Ireland’s radar; she’s already headlined a show at Whelan’s and “For Good” was produced by Sean Price, one-half of popular Irish duo PRiiCE. With over 100,000 streams on a debut single and already gracing the cover of Fresh Finds UK, it’s safe to say many are eagerly awaiting Phelan’s next steps.

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