Jack Sperling • Fash FWD ’22

Jack Sperling’s gotten his toes soaked in the writing and curating world, but is looking forward to expanding his repertoire into the daunting world of music management in 2022. But ultimately “trying to learn as much as I can and find myself in a full time position where I am helping make artist’s dreams tangible,” says Jack. And in the process, he has been a pivotal piece in Fashionably Early, not only in curation but also in ideation, knowledge and a hard work ethic. Ask the 6’10 standing Californian to jump and he will indeed ask, “How High?”


Can’t stress enough how much this man is going to take over in 2022. Joony is getting one step closer to mastering his sound with every release. While combining plugnB, rap, and regular R&B all into one, he creates a sound that is hard to find anywhere else. The release of his album Silent Battles and the deluxe that came after it is a great entry into what Joony is bringing to the table and an example of his ingenuity.


2021 was a great year for pop-punk, but this group poptropicaslutz! stood out to me the most. Personally getting put on to them earlier in the year through their song “grandma got ran over by a lawnmower” and was hooked ever since. Fusing elements of hyperpop with a classic genre is only a glimpse of the innate artistic value these guys bring to music. Some of the best songwriting I have heard this year has come from them and they manage to piece every verse and story together effortlessly. I’m really excited about the sound they are pushing and the lane they are creating. Had the opportunity to see them live a few months back and stage presence and connection with the crowd mirrored that of a well-established artist with multiple tours under their belt.


With the release of her flawless EP plague town, 8485 established she is a leading force in more than one genre. Her incredible vocal performances paired with emotion-filled, otherworldly production, foster unforgettable moments within her music. 8485’s intoxicating storytelling feels as if you’re reading a novel made up of heartbreak, and isolation but delivered in a euphoric manner. I have full faith that any direction she pursues in 2022 will consist of spotless execution and I can’t wait for what she has in store.

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