Never Hiding

I’m not sure if this was all planned or if things just move this damn quickly thanks to the Internet but today we present to you Zakhar out of North London, Islington to be exact, for lads interested. Tik Tok of course has a part in anything music related that’s happening fast, as it did in Zakhar’s instance, hitting the algorithm big time with duets of Sadie Jean’s and Stacey Ryan’s viral duet challenges. Which all came in the past two months, but wasting no time he’s already signed a deal under Sony and got his first proper single and music video with “Never Hiding”.

Regardless, this introduction to Zakhar has been pretty masterfully done, with a powerful song coupled with fitting Edem Wornoo directed visuals. Featuring a brick layered housing complex, I can’t help but be reminded of Mustafa’s “Stay Alive” a bit. But “Never Hiding” from Zakhar is much different, not only because it’s happening across the pond, from a different perspective, but this its tapping into a necessary musical tone, that feel underrepresented at times.

The UK can feel real dominated by drill at times and Zakhar is the perfect rap palette cleanser, a smoother alternative for when you’re feeling more mellow. He brings an infectious, lightly melodic-tinged vocal performance, that’s just so damn easy to kick back and listen to. It’s got me really anticipating and on my toes for what could be next, he sure sounds like something that could catch on really quick, and he already is a bit.

Produced By


Release Date

January 12, 2022


North London, UK

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