Lucia Zambetti
Don’t Cry

Lucia Zambetti is an artist we first found about three years ago in the early days of Tik Tok. Just a high school kid, making Tik Toks for fun and occasionally focusing on her passion for music led her to getting a nice following that’s stuck with her onto a new account. With over 180K followers on the platform, she’s an example of how important social media presence should be to young artists in today’s musical era. I was instantly blown away by her ability to blend her different musical inspirations and put her own original twist to it. Throughout the tracks that she has released, you can pinpoint similar artists that have possibly influenced her music such as Mazzy Star, The Marias, and Phoebe Bridgers. Don’t get it twisted though, Lucia is her own artist and she’s able to make herself stand out amongst her influences.

She just recently released her new single “Don’t Cry”, packaged together with some DIY, palm tree filled visuals. The track features an acoustic guitar chord progression backed with a soft drum pattern, similar to a lot of dream pop and folk-rock tracks. But most importantly, the track is led by her delicate vocals that are able to sit nicely between the many acoustic elements of the song. Lucia Zambetti is one to watch, especially if you’re into soft, nostalgic feeling tunes like this one.

Produced By

Lucia Zambetti & Teddy Zambetti

Release Date

January 14, 2022


New York, NY

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