gabby start – the fractal song

Music based in electronics has been developing into new and different waves since I was a kid. It’s fascinated me to my core how a hit record could be made using a laptop. In 2022, terms like Hyperpop are tossed around lightly, sometimes without reason, but I think some people lose sight of the fact that the past few years have shown that good music doesn’t have to fit into a subcategory. In fact, those who make their own categories and genres are the real trailblazers. That sentiment can be seen in 20 year old NYU student, gabby start’s new song, “the fractal song”

Formerly known as the artist that went by Knapsack, start flaunted his utterly detailed and unique sound design with his catchy new anthem about the downfalls that come with drug consumption. With the occasional bits and pieces of influence from general Hyperpop, drums that can be found in a Top 40 song, and layered vocals that would fit perfectly in a punk rock record, it’s clear that start can do it all; and well for that matter. With his name already highlighting it, gabby start, is in fact just getting started.

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