Hans Williams
All is Well

There will always be something timeless about smooth vocals and an acoustic guitar chord progression. It also happens to be the strategy that singer-songwriter Hans Williams has nearly perfected. It can be seen clearly with the release of his new single, All is Well. The highly anticipated Alternative Pop-Folk anthem has been on our radar since the 21 year old Tulane University student gave fans a teaser on his social media accounts, and the full version did not disappoint.

Williams, who’s cemented his passionate and heavy-hearted storytelling through his lyrics with the release of his single, “Body on My Shoulders” in 2020, strikes again with this one. He has proven to have an inherent skill of using music as a form of expression in a deep and emotional way, not only for himself but in a way that appeals to listeners no matter their situation.

The Vermont native can already be seen playing intimate live shows, and gaining a very real fanbase, online and within his own community. We’re very excited to see, and hear what he’s going to bring to the table next.

Produced By

Phin Choukas

Release Date

February 2, 2022


Norwich, Vermont

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