Allen Haley
Taken Back

There was a reason Allen Haley made it on my Fash FWD picks for 2022, before the release of the debut single here “Taken Back.” While speculative then, we can now say confidently, the Allen Haley takeover has begun. With editorial features on New Music Friday as well as New Pop Picks, “Taken Back” has proven to be much more than just a teaser on Tik Tok. It’s a good, even great record.

Distributing through DistroKid and with no massive team behind him, expect this to be just the beginning for Haley. He’ll be opening up for AG Club at LiveTwoCreate’s showcase at LA Skate Club on February 11 and has more new music on the way. He’s known his own success from the very start and his confidence in himself and his music will take him forward, not back.

Produced By

Liam Gröndahl & Max Vossberg

Release Date

February 4, 2022



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