mykel online
scream & run

mykel online’s been making his rounds with music around the internet since 2018 by releasing self-produced tracks on SoundCloud. Even in his earliest works, mykel is able to distinguish himself through his heavily autotuned vocals and interesting vocal deliveries. He’s also able to use his production in order to lay a solid foundation for his experimental vocals to shine through on each track.

mykel experiments even more on this new track with his cutting-edge vocals and original production from Maki Adams and Abner Dennis. This brand new single comes packed with a simple yet interesting instrumental which contains a sparse electronic drum beat and an isolated synth note which plays throughout the whole track, but aside from its very interesting production; mykel’s vocals take up most of the front end on this track. The pitch-shifted, chopped, and distorted adlibs really bring originality to this already innovative track.

Through his interesting vocal delivery, mykel is able to bring the listener into the perspective that he’s singing from. mykel is one to pay close attention to as he will continue to show creativity through his art, give “scream and run” a listen, and check out his other tracks.

Produced By

abner dennis

Release Date

February 15, 2022


Los Angeles, California

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