tomcbumpz, lvri & Souly Had – we don’t know a thing

As an early Valentine’s Day gift, lo-fi producer tomcbumpz received the finished vocals from his girlfriend, 19-year-old singer lvri, for a track entitled “we don’t know a thing.” Tom had previously teased the track’s hook at the end of January on TikTok, and the video received over 200,000 likes. “we don’t know a thing.” which also features upstate New York musician Souly Had, dropped February 9 and has picked up 80,000 plays on Spotify since.

Tom creates a masterpiece of a beat on “we don’t know a thing,” blending a prominent trappy bassline and punctuating claps with a carnival-like piano loop and woozy synths during the verse. lvri’s dreamy whispery voice sings about youthful innocence (i.e. not knowing a thing), romance, and her bucket list, and Souly Had’s verse gets more into relationship complications.

tomcbumpz has racked up Spotify streams in the millions with a strong push from the classic “lo-fi beats to relax to” playlists, but this track could have some more mainstream potential. Plus he got to make a song with his girlfriend and best friend. It’s cute. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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