Gio Genesis – Shoot for Something f. Tyjhier

Gio Genesis, for those not familiar is a Haitian-American singer hailing from White Plains, New York. Still very much a newcomer, and a first for our pages, Gio has been cultivating a nice little fanbase through social media, making his biggest waves on Twitter. Really getting going with a quick start to the year, he’s back with his second release of 2022. This time it’s a collaborative effort with his girlfriend Tyjhier, it makes sense why “Shoot for Something” feels so authentic. It’s a story, something like a “LOVE” and “LUST” by Kendrick Lamar-esque story. It’s as double-sided as it is straightforward. Gio starts off the track by literally wondering if he and his partner can “Shoot for Something” more. He wants something more in the sense of not wanting his relationship to be as surface level as most seem to be.

Gio knows that there’s a “sea of outcomes” floating around in his head about where his feelings for Tyjhier can take them. He has one simple request: stay by his side as they navigate through thoughts of doubt, and however many challenges they face on their road to love. Tyjhier is proud she and Gio proved the naysayers wrong, and she’s even more proud that the two are finally opening up and laying everything out on the table. Tyjhier claims that her and Gio’s love has transcended generations. She’s known Gio before this life, their souls have yearned for each other for what seems to have been forever. They were meant time to be together, distance, time, and any other obstacle would never keep the two apart.

“Shoot for Something” is a lot different than most duet ballads, it’s revealing. It’s been quite a while since I heard the actual members of the relationship speak so candidly about what had helped their love back before the conversation we’re hearing in the song. It’d be safe to assume that Gio and Tyjhier are in a better place after laying their feelings out for the world to see. Maybe the rest of us can take their advice after another failed Valentine’s Day.

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