Blake Shimoda
Waiting for Tomorrow

It’s a blessing and curse that damn near every artist is posting on Tik Tok trying to hit the algorithm lottery. It means a lot more fluff get’s put in the timeline, but still, it’s an amazing platform to find new gems like Blake Shimoda that I stumbled across.

He’s the true epitome of a bedroom pop artist, making the majority of his music all himself, cutting out having to rely on other people to deliver the vision that Blake has for his music. And he’s doing it damn well. “Waiting for Tomorrow” is the self-titled single off a new project he put out last month and man does this one pack all the feels.

With lush keys and an emotion-filled delivery, it’s really easy to get sucked all the way into this one. This one we’re going to have in rotation for a while and cannot wait to hear what’s next to come from a real talent.

Produced By

Blake Shimoda

Release Date

January 12, 2022


Broomfield, Colorado

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