Matilda Cole

Matilda Cole is back at it again. The British singer is unafraid to talk about how her relationships have influenced her writing. The music video for her song, “Again,” features her playing with the familiar theme of wanting someone so badly that anything will be tolerated. With its film style, the video transports viewers to another era while creating a cinematic portrayal of the couple in the song.

As you watch the music video, you will follow two people infatuated with each other so much that the toxicity of their relationship seems irrelevant. From the beginning monologues that Matilda utters in French, we learn about the struggles the couple faces and Matilda who struggles to escape the relationship. Quite simply, this video captures the essence of the phrase “Again”, from the solitude sequences to the sensual rekindlings.

Matilda Cole is able to turn an unstable situation into a song that I find impossible to turn off. From the song to the video, there is no doubt that this will be Cole’s last hit in 2022 and she definitely is an artist to watch.

Produced By

Doc Daniels

Release Date

February 9, 2022


Brighton, UK

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