Worry Club – Lately

Worry Club is a name you’re going to want to get familiar with. The Chicago-based artist has been making consistently great music, and it’s no different with his latest release of “Lately.” He’s joined on the track by The Maine frontman, John The Ghost, which is a very interesting pairing of industry veteran and industry rookie phenom. The track is light and airy, pinned with an earworm melody that carries through the song from start to finish. John The Ghost comes in as a breezy second verse that lets the song continue to churn forward without becoming a wash of the same vocals. “Lately” is definitely a song that will be on high rotation – I’ve already caught myself whistling along to the lead melody hours after listening to the track.

Worry Club is much more polished than what his “bedroom pop” sound leads to believe, with plenty of tracks on Spotify breasting the 250k play mark all not pigeonholing himself too closely to a specific sound or style. Worry Club has a natural knack for crafting addicting melodies and choruses, and enough musical touch to almost feel like its a four-person effort – all while never sounding like a one-trick pony. “Lately” is a great addition to his spotify catalog of singles, and has even picked up steam on staple playlists like Lorem and Bedroom Pop. The future for Worry Club is certainly bright, and with getting some strong looks on editorial platforms, all signs point north for Chase from Chicago.



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