Same Plot

When it comes to creating the perfect song, Brooklyn based artist/producer Laiko is no stranger to it. He’s surely excelled on the production side of things, working with an array of different artists including Cece Coakley, Lizzy McAlpine, Dounia and more. When Laiko is not producing, he is creating individual projects in the studio. Laiko is able to show through his music what is truly in his head and what gives him an outlet to tryout new productions.

The catchy new tune of his own “Same Plot”, provides the perfect energy needed for a quick jam out session. His use of thick synths and uniquely autotuned-pitch shifted vocals making this one instantly stand out. The inspiration for the song focuses on changing to be the exact version of someone else’s ideal person. Despite all the different changes, he realizes that sometimes the breakup is not based on you.

So whether it is one of Laiko’s productions or his individual music, he is definitely someone I will continue to watch.

Produced By


Release Date

March 10, 2022


Boston, Massachusetts

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