QuayDee – ainbout$

Spring is fast approaching, which for many means a time of rebirth, rejuvenation, and a much-needed time of mental clarity and freshness. I am not one of these people – I love chaos, I love high-octane recklessness, and I love energy that is equally concentrated and overwhelming. Luckily for me, last month QuayDee released the audio version of this sentiment, a new track called “ainbout$”.

Over one of the most extreme plugg mixes I’ve ever heard, QuayDee delivers an insatiably abrasive performance that pairs carefully-crafted bars with a tone so aggressive it will inspire you to tell your waiter the next time your order is wrong. Though he may be more known for a certain TikTok-famous parody, “ainbout$” is the perfect serving of hip-hop futurism that, if nothing else, should be the perfect palate cleanser before your Spring playlists get finalized.

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