Ricki Monique – IMMORTAL f. yourbeautifulruin

A little late to the party on this one, a month and a half since it was released to be exact, but this flexible bop is just that good that you need to be paying attention before the next song comes around. Introducing Ricki Monique, a new voice hailing from Minnesota, and delivering her first song to streaming with the yourbeautifulruin assisted “IMMORTAL”.

Everything about this release is so flawlessly done, and this is the type of song that could still be growing 2 years from now. The song itself, is intricate and full of sounds to soak up, but it’s the jazzy feel and the saxophone backing that’ll grab a bulk of the attention but the beat in general has such a groove to it. It’s a rare song these days that I can hear being absolutely phenomenon live. It has an organic feeling in that aspect for sure.

Then it leaves Ricki to spill out the ink of a pen she’s been sharpening for a few years now, with older tunes in the trenches of Bandcamp and other mediums. And she does it with a magnetic flow and a fantastic cadence. I could listen to her rap without a hook endlessly, and not to mention the craftsmanship behind those words, that are worth cracking open like a nut than most rappers’. Don’t miss this gem and hop on the bandwagon for what’s next to come like us!

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