Sterling Hudson

Fads constantly come and go, just like “bedroom pop” did when that particular subgenre was the talk of the Lorem town and music industry beyond a couple years ago. But the term kind’ve lost its steam because so much music we consume has become “bedroom” music, especially with Tik Tok becoming so prevalent.

And it became the bedroom singers, singing covers and original music on Tik Tok that became the new evolving form of that. So bedroom that it wasn’t even a produced song yet, just as Atlanta native Sterling Hudson has gotten his start into now releasing his first debut single, which still has raw, bedroom-type feels to it.

Hudson has amassed over 500k on Tik Tok, from singing an abundance of tunes with his gruffer than most, alternative leaning vocal tone, and some originally written songs in the mix. “Remedy” features one of Hudson’s bedroom implements, his ukulele as the backbone of this one, which he really makes his own by layering a more pain-drenched delivery you may typically hear over a Nick Mira type beat on YouTube. The genre-blending is only just a taste of what’s to come from the 19-year-old who’s definitely got some bright opportunities straight ahead.

Produced By

Arlo, Jake Buchbaum & Rowan Kemble

Release Date

March 16, 2022


Atlanta, Georgia

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