It’s been a minute since we last heard from COLDKIDCLUB, but with the long-awaited release of “HiGHKEY”, it’s hard to feel like he ever left at all. After gaining some traction teasing the banger on TikTok earlier this month, our hero finally returns with “HiGHKEY”‘s formal release, delivering fans a downtempo and melodic track perfect for your next late-night drive.

Synthesizing everyone’s favorite elements from SoundCloud’s plugg and emo-rap scenes with a little sprinkle of distorted Travis Scott vocals, COLDKIDCLUB presents a refreshing take on sounds that are currently captivating audiences more now than ever before. “HiGHKEY” stands at the crossroads of several genre’s aural registers, but if there’s one thing that we can be certain of, it’s that COLDKIDCLUB knows how to make a bop. If gas prices are too high for your late-night drive, then perhaps this can be on your late-night walk playlist too – but be careful, a few too many listens to this and you may find yourself dialing up your ex.

With more music on the horizon, you’d be wise to keep COLDKIDCLUB on your radar.

Produced By

COLDKIDCLUB & Lucas Feducci

Release Date

March 18, 2022


St. Paul, Minnesota

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