You probably wouldn’t hit play on this new song from newcomer XLOVCLO and think it’s R&B or Pop. But throughout this 90-second, tough to put in a box song “WTF”, XLOVCLO is CROONING. This one really highlights her addicting voice, which has the rough resemblance of Willow, smooth runs like SZA all the while her voice on hooks sound like it’s borrowed from the early Trippie Redd records.

What we love about XLOVCLO, or Clo, is that it’s obvious she focused on building the best possible track, that in turn will prove to be successful on social media, rather than releasing a song catered solely for social media.

Relatively new to the industry, her confidence will carry her a long way. “I am going to blow up this year,” she said. “There is not question or doubts in my mind about that. I know I’m a megastar, I’m just waiting on the rest of the world to catch on.”

Some people might live by the attitude of “fake it til you make it.” Clo, on the other hand wants the world to know her mindset, “make it til you make it.”

Produced By

Beatbauerjones & Elavy

Release Date

March 11, 2022


Hyattsville, Maryland

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