PBR f. girlhouse

BEL is back at it again, but with reinforcements this time around. With the assistance of girlhouse, the duo delivers the perfect antisocial anthem. These two talented female vocalists combine their powerful vocals to create an incredibly addictive song. While BEL and girlhouse make incredible music on their own, they develop harmonies that genuinely soothe the soul when they join forces.

Written by BEL and Tyler Thompson, “PBR” reflects on the small moments that Bel experienced at a dive bar in Nashville, realizing that she genuinely does not have the energy to be there. Such simple interactions create a bridge from BEL to her audience through relatable and impactful lyrics. As an introvert myself and avid antisocial song collector, this song indeed provides the perfect mix of emotional lyrics with an up-tempo beat. Her songs illustrate that even the most mundane moments in life can serve as inspiration for writing and creating powerful music.

In the upcoming EP, Jet Lag, Bel will share the same kind of small, touching moments she shares in both “Big City” and “PBR”. It is an enormous pleasure to listen to and share more of her emotional and impactful new music.

Produced By

Tyler Thompson

Release Date

March 23, 2022


Clovis, California

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