Kevin Holliday
Put It Down

Spotify editorial darling and Fashionably Early favorite Kevin Holliday just dropped his second single of 2022, a low-key track entitled “Put It Down.” The track, accompanied by a self-directed music video, caps off a strong March for the genre-bending Brooklynite, which saw him perform at Sparta Distribution’s SXSW showcase and headline a show at the Bowery Electric.

On DSPs, “Put It Down” is bundled with his first song of the year, “Expensive Taste,” likely as part of a larger project to come. However, the tracks could not be more different. “Expensive Taste” speeds up the tempo, with Kevin’s vocals bouncing over a funky, bass-heavy beat and an occasional wacky sound effect thrown in. “Put It Down,” on the other hand, makes more room for Kevin to show off his singing chops, as he stretches high into his falsetto on the chorus. A strong snare loop guides the meandering lo-fi production, but don’t sleep on the bassline, which has a similar twang to that of Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter.”

While you might not hear “Put It Down” at the club, the listening experience is still pretty versatile. You can bop your head to it with a stank face. You can bring the track into the bedroom. Or you could press play, stare at the ceiling and dissociate. Such is the amphibious nature of a Holliday Hit.

Produced By

Kevin Holliday

Release Date

March 30, 2022


Brooklyn, New York

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