CEO Trayle
Big Drake

I had CEO Trayle sitting front and center on the Fashionably Early playlist in 2020, at or around 100k streams on “OK COOL” way before the hype train even left Atlanta. a year and a half later and the song’s now sitting at over 50M cross-platform streams and has a remix with a verse from Gunna. One of those records that didn’t blow up immediately or over night, it was a process of people falling in love with a hit from a then new rapper out of Atlanta. Leading to the Gunna and YSL co-sign that of course boosted things to a whole new level.

“OK COOL” is one of those songs that will have the same hitting power when you hit play on it ten years from now, but CEO Trayle also is bound to have a loaded catalog with undeniable bangers aplenty. Add “BIG DRAKE” to that list, his newest drop and a firm reminder that Trayle’s one of the hardest from the peach state period. With a cadence that’s tough to match and flow that will keep your head nodding from start to finish, be sure to not sleep on Trayle.

Produced By

B Stribb

Release Date

April 4, 2022


Atlanta, Georgia

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