Fresh Out Toronto 2

I reached out to Toronto bred and Atlanta based artist Genie! to show support for his latest release; an album titled Aux Music Only, specifically its opening track, “Fresh Out Toronto 2.” Genie makes his Fashionably Early debut not by speaking up his own work, but showing love for the people around him, constantly. Even when I would ask questions about his music, he would pivot and try to put me on to other artists who he feels like deserves more attention.

“Fresh Out Toronto 2” is captivating from the get go. With an insatiable flow, and a beat backed by his producer and longtime collaborator, NoWayAce, it’s is a nearly perfect opening track for its purpose: it made me want to keep listening to the rest of the record. Tracks like “Test Tube” and “Feel Good” also caught my attention while listening.

When asked about his future and his goals within the industry and for his music, Genie was quick to say what I expected he might say. “I can’t say I have a set goal. I really just wanna see everybody I started with, end with me. I don’t wanna limit myself mentally.”

Genie wants to make his mark in music by doing things his own way, and with the people who he’s coming up with. He’s inspired by not doing what other rappers are doing and feels no pressure to compare himself to rappers who have made it already. Keep your eye out for Genie, he’s just getting started and I believe his mindset will take him further than just his bars.

Produced By


Release Date

March 11, 2022


Toronto, Canada

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