LUCA – Altar

It gets tougher and tougher to find the time to bang out these blog posts at a consistent rate, but when it’s songs like this, from truly exciting new artists such as LUCA that we have here today, it makes it so much easier to find the writing flow where neither my brain or fingers stop moving. It’s funny because we’re a little late on the blog wave, even though LUCA’s releasing just his second single here today with “Altar”. The first little bit of buzz has already begun around the 19-year-old Harlem native, and this new single is bound to accelerate that.

LUCA’s been involved and surrounded by music his entire life, beginning on the piano at the age of 3, singing in choir and picking up guitar to name a few. But a big kickstart for it all, and even in LUCA’s starting his own artist project was joining Araya’s band. Where he connected with fellow bandmate Will Catucci, who’s been a key collaborator behind all of LUCA’s music including co-producing this new one. And as you hear, they’ve found some real dreamy cohesion with this addicting song about falling out of love. The dreamy feel of the first portion of this one leave me satisfied enough, but we’re treated with a distorted, grungy electronic guitar counter punch that’ll certify that you have to run this song back on repeat.

LUCA ยท Altar

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